13.06.11  (build 13)  Now supports 'kill' on console level. Requested by voluntary fire brigade Reichersbeuern.
30.12.08  (build 12)  Now also works with navcores >= 8.2
04.08.08  (build 11)  Minor change: Should now work with brightness-autochanging tools like Daylight or Suntime
31.07.08  (build 10)  Added an optional touchpad-lock
21.07.07  (build 9)  Now really switches off the display. Your TomTom will consume about 1/3rd less battery than with build 7 (and 100% brightness) while running.
18.01.07  (build 7)  First working version: Start -> black screen, tap on the screen -> back to normal.
Meanwhile navigation running normally.
05.09.08  (build 37)  Should now also work on firmwares newer than 8.200
02.01.08  (build 36)  Now working on TT-"Firmware" 7.x and (hopefully) ALL TomTom PNAs.
05.05.07  (build 33)  Now also works on TomTom One v2 and v3.
01.02.07  (build 32)  Changed the layout and made the "=/C"-button more intelligent.
Daylight v1.x
02.03.06  v1.4.4  Works on ttn v6.150 and previous, but most definitely not on later versions!
Minor change for SIRF2-Chips...
02.03.06  v1.4.0  New Feature: On resume, Daylight will use position and day of its last calculations to preliminarily switch the color until it finds a satellite.
28.02.06  v1.3.0  Now calculating my own day-of-year. No longer using the Systems one, because TomTom doesn't sync that. Fixed a bug in the coords-calculation, thanks to Lutz Bendlin.
03.02.06  v1.2.0  Optimized output while Angle calculation.
01.02.06  v1.1.0  Option TELLMEMORE: If Daylight shall be quiet, set it to "0".
Daylight v2.x
04.08.08  (build 3)  Minor change: Fixed a "file not found" error message on startup
26.06.08  (build 2)  Fixed a major memory leak
08.05.07  (build 1)  Needs ExecutionHelper 2.x, is faster and safer
ExecutionHelper v1.x
06.02.06  v1.2.0  Works on ttn v6.150 and previous, but most definitely not on later versions!
ExecutionHelper didn't work on TT-Classic on second turn-on! Should work now.
27.01.06  v1.1.0  Added support for non-ExecutionHelper projects. See FAQ!
ExecutionHelper v2.x
08.05.07  v2.0.0 (build 1)  Should work with all ttn 6.x, is faster and needs less resources
01.02.09  (build 7)  Now also supports navcores >= 8.x
22.07.07  (build 5)  Starts slowly to save your nightsight, should also work on Rider2 and OneXL
04.09.08  (build 267)  Should now also work on firmwares newer than 8.200
28.02.08  (build 266)  Minor bugfix in what-has-been-saved-stat, slightly smaller default-font there, back to main menu when exiting that stat, saved line in Applet now looks 1:1 like saved on TomTom. Delete environment.txt
27.02.08  (build 265)  Added: Button to display last entered values for this vehicle. Delete environment.txt
25.02.08  (build 264)  Better readability of consumption in stat-graph, minor bugfixes.
23.02.08  (build 262)  Faster on exit, now uses one file for properties and one for environment
23.02.08  (build 261)  Revised parameters, enhanced stat-graphs and -parameters, vehicle-depending odometer-mode, bugfixes in stat-display
18.02.08  (build 260)  New interface and backend, should now run on ALL TomTom PNAs.
05.05.07  (build 258)  Now also works on TomTom One v2 and v3.
18.01.07  (build 257)  Additional languages
16.01.07  (build 255)  Preselection, configurable statistics
26.11.06  v0.9.0  Multilingual, beautified frontend
24.11.06  v0.8.0  First working version, can save entered values, plain German.
09.07.10  (build 17)  Now with additional font sizes '4' and '5'
26.05.10  (build 16)  Now works with NavCore 8.351 (TT7000)
25.05.10  (build 15)  Minor changes: Changed config file format, added debug function
10.05.10  (build 14)  Fixed an error with the algebraic sign of the geoid-separation with some TTs
08.03.10  (build 13)  Should now also work with 9.x-NavCores. If flickering on older NavCores, use 12 or 8!
13.02.10  (build 12)  Bluetooth-icon was ghostet on older TomToms, again
21.07.09  (build 11)  Looks like the shutdown image disabled Height on firmwares <8.3, works now
15.07.09  (build 10)  No more flickering on 8.3-firmwares and autodetected nav-page
15.07.09  (build 9)  Bluetooth-bug fixed
03.02.09  (build 8)  Value can be aligned left, center or right
01.02.09  (build 7)  Font can be configured to stay black or white all the time
28.01.09  (build 6)  Optimized day/night detection on PNAs with Navcore >= 8.x for 2D nav users
26.01.09  (build 5)  Four different font sizes.
25.01.09  (build 4)  First version that works on all PNAs, displays altitude on navigation screen, imperial or metric.
19.12.08  (build 3)  No longer hangs when playing draw
05.09.08  (build 2)  Should now also work on firmwares newer than 8.200
20.06.08  (build 1)  First working version
09.12.12  (build 2)  Fixed freeze on startup caused by buffer overflow
04.07.10  (build 1)  First working version
09.10.07  v1.1.0  The "Exit ahead"-sound is now longer and louder
16.03.10  (build 6)  Now also works with Height
13.02.10  (build 5)  Bluetooth-icon was ghostet on older TomToms
08.01.10  (build 4)  Customizable icon, download here:
15.11.09  (build 3)  Fixed a bug with saving the Iti-files
10.11.09  (build 2)  First working version
15.08.08  v1.1.0  Now including my car-art
07.05.08  (build 1)  First working version