Licence Agreement
This tool is freeware for private, non-commercial use only. If you want to use
this software, parts of it or by this software generated data or graphics
for commercial use, please donate an adequate amount to the project!

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Known Bugs
  Will not work with firmwares 8.3 and newer!!
04.09.08  (b267) Should now also work on firmwares newer than 8.200
28.02.08  (b266) Minor bugfix in what-has-been-saved-stat, slightly smaller default-font there, back to main menu when exiting that stat, saved line in Applet now looks 1:1 like saved on TomTom. Delete environment.txt
27.02.08  (b265) Added: Button to display last entered values for this vehicle. Delete environment.txt
25.02.08  (b264) Better readability of consumption in stat-graph, minor bugfixes.
23.02.08  (b262) Faster on exit, now uses one file for properties and one for environment
23.02.08  (b261) Revised parameters, enhanced stat-graphs and -parameters, vehicle-depending odometer-mode, bugfixes in stat-display
18.02.08  (b260) New interface and backend, should now run on ALL TomTom PNAs.
05.05.07  (b258) Now also works on TomTom One v2 and v3.
18.01.07  (b257) Additional languages
16.01.07  (b255) Preselection, configurable statistics
26.11.06 v0.9.0  Multilingual, beautified frontend
24.11.06 v0.8.0  First working version, can save entered values, plain German.