Licence Agreement
This tool is freeware for private, non-commercial use only. If you want to use
this software, parts of it or by this software generated data or graphics
for commercial use, please donate an adequate amount to the project!

Known Bugs
  Will not work with firmwares 8.3 and newer!!
13.06.11  (b13) Now supports 'kill' on console level. Requested by voluntary fire brigade Reichersbeuern.
30.12.08  (b12) Now also works with navcores >= 8.2
04.08.08  (b11) Minor change: Should now work with brightness-autochanging tools like Daylight or Suntime
31.07.08  (b10) Added an optional touchpad-lock
21.07.07  (b9) Now really switches off the display. Your TomTom will consume about 1/3rd less battery than with build 7 (and 100% brightness) while running.
18.01.07  (b7) First working version: Start -> black screen, tap on the screen -> back to normal.
Meanwhile navigation running normally.