Licence Agreement
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09.07.10  (b17) Now with additional font sizes '4' and '5'
26.05.10  (b16) Now works with NavCore 8.351 (TT7000)
25.05.10  (b15) Minor changes: Changed config file format, added debug function
10.05.10  (b14) Fixed an error with the algebraic sign of the geoid-separation with some TTs
08.03.10  (b13) Should now also work with 9.x-NavCores. If flickering on older NavCores, use 12 or 8!
13.02.10  (b12) Bluetooth-icon was ghostet on older TomToms, again
21.07.09  (b11) Looks like the shutdown image disabled Height on firmwares <8.3, works now
15.07.09  (b10) No more flickering on 8.3-firmwares and autodetected nav-page
15.07.09  (b9) Bluetooth-bug fixed
03.02.09  (b8) Value can be aligned left, center or right
01.02.09  (b7) Font can be configured to stay black or white all the time
28.01.09  (b6) Optimized day/night detection on PNAs with Navcore >= 8.x for 2D nav users
26.01.09  (b5) Four different font sizes.
25.01.09  (b4) First version that works on all PNAs, displays altitude on navigation screen, imperial or metric.
Special thanks to:
and all Beta-Testers!