Licence Agreement
This tool is freeware for private, non-commercial use only. If you want to use
this software, parts of it or by this software generated data or graphics
for commercial use, please donate an adequate amount to the project!

Version 1.4.4
( 7 kB, 30.03.06 08:06:47 )
Needs "ExecutionHelper v1.x", at least version "1"!
02.03.06 v1.4.4  Works on ttn v6.150 and previous, but most definitely not on later versions!
Minor change for SIRF2-Chips...
02.03.06 v1.4.0  New Feature: On resume, Daylight will use position and day of its last calculations to preliminarily switch the color until it finds a satellite.
28.02.06 v1.3.0  Now calculating my own day-of-year. No longer using the Systems one, because TomTom doesn't sync that. Fixed a bug in the coords-calculation, thanks to Lutz Bendlin.
03.02.06 v1.2.0  Optimized output while Angle calculation.
01.02.06 v1.1.0  Option TELLMEMORE: If Daylight shall be quiet, set it to "0".
Special thanks to:
Dr. Roland Brodbeck,
ghost00, Lutz Bendlin
and all Beta-Testers!